Marriage as a social obligation
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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Treat Marriage As A Social Obligation

Marriage in its essence is a beautiful institution ordained to bring together two people who would be of help to…

grow yourself
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5 Ways You Can Grow With Yourself

The following explain ways you can grow with yourself.   Accept Your Individuality Every person is unique and endowed with…

The effects of socialization
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The Erroneous Effect Of Institutionalized Socialization

The erroneous effect of institutionalized socialization is captured in the life of every human being- man or woman. Relationships of…

how to spot an exploiter
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5 Ways To Easily Spot An Exploiter

It is often a tough call when you are caught in the net of an exploiter. It is even tougher…

Signs that reveal you are suffering from the effects of abuse
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21 Signs That Reveal You Are Suffering From The Effects Of Abuse

Many people are comically out of touch with their authentic selves because their whole lives, they have been out of…

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8 Parenting Tools To Raise A Child Who Can Lead The World

The role of parents is especially hard when they take up the job of raising another person without the most…

How to avoid hurting people in your bid to make amends
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How To Avoid Hurting People Further In Your Bid To Make Amends

Everyone hurts. Everyone bleeds. Sometimes you can genuinely care about other people but your behavior is in direct contradiction with…

What A dog can teach you about gratitude: How to be grateful
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What A Dog Can Teach You About Gratitude: How To Be Grateful

A class teacher used this parable to teach her students how to be grateful and how they can live it…