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3 Reasons Why You Need Yourself To Succeed

Why you need yourself to succeed

Ignorance of one’s identity is at the root of neglect and rejection of one’s self. Hence, for anyone to replicate success in all spheres of their lives, he or she needs to have an accurate understanding of who they are and what constitutes their being. This article throws light on why you need yourself to succeed. This is an authentic foundation you need for the erosion of the confusion you experience in your everyday living.


 Your Value Is Unique To You

There is a reason why you exist, and that is where your value lies. That value is the reason why you are born. Have you heard me say, that your value is in your existence? This means that if you do not have value, you will not be born. Every human being who has ever been, came into existence because they have a role to play. They are that spice missing to make the delicacy complete. Trying to compare yourself –your valuability – to another, is like the plate trying to impersonate the spoon.

Why you need yourself to succeed

Genuinely, a plate has its place while the spoon in itself has its own unique role. One cannot be interchanged for another. Although, their value is unique to themselves. However, when they come together, they serve a greater purpose. So it is with you. Your value is unique to you alone. In embracing all that you are, you embrace your uniqueness. And in so doing, you will find a channel through which it can serve a greater purpose. Imagine if the spoon seeks to be a plate, because others mock it for its size. Or the plate seeking to be condensed to a spoon because the spoon is portable. How would each serve its purpose?


You Are The Director Of Your Life

Consider yourself as a project coordinator who holds the blue print of his or her given project. For that project to come to birth, you would need the help of other people to play varying roles.  You set out to get these people and everyone readily agrees to support your project. However, upon launch of the project, you do not show up. Thoughtfully, your supporters decide to take up the reins of the project based on what they imagine you would want. However, in the process, they twist the plot.

Responsibilities Of A Project Director

  • As a project coordinator, you reserve the right to direct, the course of your project. Such that you retain anyone who follows your blue print, or dismiss those who are non-compliant to your authentic plan. These decisions are taken in the interest of the success of your given project. Your blue print is your genuine self. And your genuine self is found in your capabilities, likes, dislikes, preferences and choices. With these, you are able to redirect and guide others according to your authentic plan.
  • As a project director, it is your duty to honor the doubts and questions that you have. This ensures that your project is perfect upon completion.  You cannot dishonor your doubts and follow through objectively. This means that when you hide your genuine self, you give room for others to direct you in ways that are non-compliant with your life.
  • A project coordinator carefully studies the blue print handed to him or her, garners an accurate understanding of the project and set out to implement according to the blue print at hand. This being said, if there exists obscurity in the director’s understanding of the blue print, he or she is unable to direct the project. Therefore, cannot achieve the result they desire.

Although a director cannot do without the help of other people, yet he is not just a necessity, but also a priority. The availability of the project director ultimately determines the success of the project. This without question is why you need yourself to succeed.


Your Self-Knowledge Dictates Your Self-relationship

Having an accurate understanding of the reality of a thing gives you the profound ability to relate with it, using the knowledge you acquire about it.  Evidently, you approach a naked wire with an understanding of the nature of its reality. Knowing that it has the capacity to electrocute, if you do not equip yourself. So do you relate with everything in life, using your understanding of the reality of that very thing. This singular and unique knowledge dictates how you relate with your target at every point of relationship. Do you approach ice believing it is hot? Of course not.

Why you need yourself to succeed

This means that if you understand that the reality of the nature of your existence is one that is entrenched in value, you would naturally relate with yourself from that perspective.

Elements Of Value

For anything to be declared valuable, it must possess the following elements:

  • It must be purposeful
  • Acceptable
  • Respectable
  • Worthy
  • It must be lovable
  • It must attract attention

A thing cannot be said to be valuable if any of these elements are missing in it.

You accept or value yourself by listening to your feelings. Contrary to what you have been taught, your feelings represent you. It is intimately tied to you. Therefore, whenever you dismiss your feeling, you are dismissing your authentic self. It is when you listen to your authentic feeling that you are able to have an accurate knowledge of who you are. This would then naturally inform your relationship with yourself and others.



Have you ever seen anyone who goes out to shop, while leaving themselves at home? That is beyond the bounds of possibility. Your absence in life is directly proportional to the absence of your relationship, both with yourself and with other people. You need yourself to succeed in every areas of your life. No one is without breath, that is considered as living. This is the reality of life. Anything contrary to it, diminishes, creates chaos and ensures for a maladaptive life. Your life success is contingent on your self-belief


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