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5 Ways You Can Grow With Yourself

grow yourself

The following explains ways you can grow with yourself.


Accept Your Individuality

Every person is unique and endowed with an individualized quality. Rejecting your individuality and mimicking other human beings is a sign of lack of a healthy self-esteem. It takes its root in the unhealthy perspective you have about yourself. Your individuality is the reason you are who you are rather than being the other person. Accept it and work on improving in areas you need to. That is how you can achieve what you want and excel in life. Your individuality is like a flavor required as a recipe for a meal. Without this flavor, the recipe is incomplete.  You cannot be you and be another person at the same time. One has to give way.


Never Be Afraid To Let People Down

Never be afraid to say you don’t know. While you have all that awesomeness going for you. You are not a repository of knowledge. When people pass on expectation to you, do not be afraid to let them down. Accept your limitations but seek to grow where necessary.


Be Patient With Yourself

grow yourself

It is okay to hold yourself to reasonable expectations. However, as with all growth processes, you are liable to fall, to let yourself down, make mistakes and deviate from your goals. When this happens, it is important you remember to dust yourself back up and keep your focus in the direction you were previously headed. The offense is not in the falling, it is in remaining down and berating yourself.

Your focus should be on recognizing that you have made a mistake, owning up to it, and redirecting your steps. That is all that matter. That is where your focus should be, not on your falling.


Need Yourself More Than You Would Need Anyone Else

While it is awesome to surround yourself with people of like-minds, who would support you in every phase, it is not okay to leave yourself out of the equation. Do not depend heavily on other people. Trust your instinct. Even though you make a mistake, learn from it and find your path. Other people may mean well. However, complete dependence on them would prevent you from learning to stand on your own feet.

Thing is, when you are fully able to see all that you are. You will have no need for anyone’s approval. Your awakening will shine light in the areas that have been oblivious to you.


Do Not Be Afraid To Be Different

Being different is what makes you unique. It is the hallmark of your being. This would sometimes imply that you have to be a lone voice.  Not everyone will agree with you. Your opinion is not conventional, hence, it would be difficult for others to embrace it. Prepare your mind for these times, by beginning today to invest in the bank of your heart (the voice within you). That voice yearns for your audience.


To grow with yourself requires consistency and extra patience with yourself. It is a continuous journey of improvement. Just as you would extend kindness to another, learn to do the same for yourself. You are your greatest asset. If you lose it with yourself, you cannot get it right with another.

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