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Secrects To Get People See Things Your Way

Strategies to get people see things your way

Every human being that exists, lives with a lens that allows them to interpret or make sense of situations in their lives. Their experiences power this lens and underpin their perceptions, which birth every information that they process. To understand what color of the lens you wear, you need to understand how this lens was formed and how it influences your personality or character. This knowledge would also inform your relationship with other people, especially when you want to make people see things your way.

How Is The Lens Formed?

In infancy, during the early years of development, your primary caregivers attitude to your feelings and self, unconsciously communicated the message of the inherent nature of your being, through consistent and steadfast reinforcement of those messages over a window period. The message you adopted from their attitude, is what formed the bedrock of your understanding of self and life.

It should go without saying that this lens, irrespective of the color, is what carries you throughout your lifetime; a place from whence you retract information of every experience you encounter in life. Given the subconscious nature of this lens, you vehemently make all your decisions and interpret every situation, without being aware of its influence in your life.


The Difference In Lenses

When you wear a dark lens, do you expect to see the world in a brightly-colored way? No. Your dark-colored lens provides the information you use to process or view the world. Just in the same way, you do not wear a brightly-colored lens and expect to see the world through a dark color. This means that every information (color) you process as it relates to your lens is concretely determined by the color of the lens in question. It further posits that for every experience you have, your lens (color)  automatically provides interpretation.

A case in study, of two people who face the same circumstance and experience, one comes out  with a positive interpretation and the other with a negative interpretation. These interpretations are not dependent on the inherent nature of the both persons, instead, they are born from the lenses each person use to view the experience.

Many people do not appreciate how this information from their lenses, ties into their personality and character. A lens is so powerful that it determines your actions and inaction in every given circumstances.


Thought As A Representational Reality

Indeed, “as a man thinks, so he is”. The challenge does not lie in knowing the thought but in being aware of the foundation underpinning the thoughts. Your internalized perception is what  informs every feelings and actions. A good number of people comically live with the illusion that they are aware of their thoughts. However, this proves to be false given the rate at which mannerisms are unaccounted for.

A lens is an individualized feature. While you would love to have people see things through your perspective, it is pertinent that you also make measurable and concerted effort to see things through the other people’s lens. This ensures decrease in friction and increase in tolerance. Every person is a summation of their experience and this is because, in reference, research in science has proven that experiences alter our DNA.

Often, people have a preferred choice for reality over what is. Often because they desire to keep believing in what keeps them safe. Even then, such denial can only ensure for more frustration and consistently create problems for the person. However, for a constructive and well-structured life, focus on your lens. Troubleshoot and find out if it interprets reality as it is. Or if it provides you an extra taint, which prevents you from seeing the world as it is.


In Summary

Your lens is your perception or perspective.

Understanding thoroughly the color of your lens helps you make informed choices. Thus, allowing you become a director of your life. You get people to see things your way when you, as a matter of necessity, see things their own way. Don’t seek to undermine their perspective as that would be an attempt to debase the individual. Instead, understand that their lens is their filter and it forms the entirety of their being. When there is less friction, you have a better chance at communicating effectively. And this is without having the other person become combative or antagonistic.

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