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Why You Need Failure To Succeed

Why failure is a good thing

Failure is a good thing. However, for this article to make sense, you need to have an accurate understanding of what failure is.

Failure is an event. I know you live in a world where ideology trumps reality. In any case, it does not change the fact that reality is what it is. This article will be addressing why failure is a good thing and why you should embrace it in events of its revelation. In truth, if you have not failed or embraced it as a guide, you will continue to miss the direction you should go.

But before i go into telling you why failure is a good thing, let us quickly trash the social and religious myths surrounding it.


The Myths:

Failure is a sign of defeat. This has been one misleading social and religious construct for a number of reasons. Imagine saying to someone that sleep is a sign of death. To different people this could mean different things. To some, it is a call to demonize sleep. While to others, it is a sign to expunge and prevent it from happening. However, whatever you do, the universe has its way of compelling you to pay your dues.

 Failure is a sign of evil. This is one myth that is passed on across generations. However, in internalizing this as truth, you do not realize that you are keeping yourself from seeing what the failure is highlighting. These highlights are essential so that when they are fixed, success can come to light. In the case when the highlights are ignored, it often repeats and lead to a more frustrating experience. This is the same thing with the nature of feelings.

Failure is often misrepresented to be a person. In the actual sense, failure is an event. It has nothing to do with the inherent nature of the person who experienced the event. In interpreting it as a human defect, it is passed off as a dysfunction of the inherent nature of a person, rather than the dysfunction of a person’s plan. 

Now that we have dealt with the myths surrounding failure, let’s dive into why you need it to succeed.


Failure Is A Re-direction

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel like you are running around in circles? You feel like a misfit and confused about your life, that you often wonder where your life is headed. During the course of these events, there is often a silent beckon to look at your blueprint and make some honest evaluations. On the contrary, you do not see the pointers or hear the silent beckon because you are deep in denial.  Failure in this context is a compass. Once you see what that pointer is highlighting, your struggle minimizes because then, you can listen to the failure and redirect your steps.


Without Failure, you would keep lying to yourself

Because of the social and sometimes, religious misinterpretation of failure, you could remain balked down and refuse to make any change. This often happens because of the dual reasons of the shame you attach to the event, and the way you interweave this misinterpretation into your ego. This lack of understanding makes it difficult for you to see any constructive meaning and change anything.

Failure although painful, is indisputably a good thing- a major lifesaver. In the African setting, there is a widespread belief that the more bitter a medicine (herb) is the higher its potency, in comparison to the orthodox medicine. Whether that is true or not, the point is vivid. Sometimes you need that painful event to set the ball rolling for a clearer and bigger outcome.


Failure Gives You an Opportunity For Growth

Imagine a teacher scoring a mediocre student with excellent marks each time she submits her work. The teacher does this for fear that the student would suffer if he scores her in the way that she deserves. Is that teacher helping the student? No. Because the student cannot see what she is not doing right, as well as her potential to perform better.

  In addition, this could lead to an abysmal performance outside the teacher’s cocoon.  When she gets the deserving score, she sees where she is making a mistake and learns a better way to get it right for a subsequent superb performance.  Failure, if heeded, always ensures that you grow out of your state of incompetency. It builds you up for better productivity.


Failure Says, ‘There is something you’re not getting right.’

The erroneous internalization of failure can keep you balked down. However, failure is often pointing to a different trajectory or a deeper understanding of the path you are currently threading.

Sometimes, when you misinterpret failure as saying, ‘you are something wrong’, rather than, ‘there is something you are not getting right’, it makes it difficult for you to change anything. The moment you rationalize what you are not doing right, you would make the necessary adjustment and make progress.  Also, you become an authority in that specialty and be better able to do what you previously failed at.



One of the many reasons why failure is a good thing is that it grounds you to self-initiate the constructive changes you need for success. No human being who has achieved any significant form of success will tell you he or she has not failed in any way. Conversely, it is their grit and focus on the accurate information the event brings, that help them turn around the events of their lives. Failure speaks volume in helping you grow, unlock your potentials and become better in your chosen field or activity. Do you want to succeed or grow? Embrace failure!


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